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Richard Murphy - Tract Printing Ministry


Richard - May 31
Angela - April 8
Anniversary: October 20, 1983

Mailing Address:

925 Snow Prince Lane
York, SC 29745

Home Church:

Bethel Baptist Church, York, S C

Clover, SC

With 13 years experience in missionary printing, we joined
with P.B.M.I. in 2000 and began working with Hope Tract
Ministry out of Blessed Hope Baptist Church in York, SC.
After serving there for 16 years we moved our ministry to
Bethel Baptist Church where Billy Lingerfelt is pastor.
Since its beginning in 1995 this ministry has printed nearly
200 million gospel tracts and shipped them free all over
the world. The KJV is used exclusively in all our English
tracts and our 40 different languages are all T.R. based.
We are contacted regularly from those who have received
Jesus Christ after reading one of our tracts.

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Print Shop: 803-684-1535

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